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Castlegate Shopping Centre, a case study


Running out of storage


About Casltegate shopping centre

“With a unique mix of independent stores in our historic market hall selling everything from flowers ot fresh fish to fragrances, we are also hoe to many high street names including Boots, B&M and Grainger Games.”

The plan

We met with the management suite staff who explained they were getting close to the maximum storage space; they were quite rightly concerned that they would soon run out.

We looked at the storage which was on a server running Windows Small Business Server 2008. The only function the server was providing was a shared folder and this folder was not being backed up. The server was out of warranty also the desktop computers in the management suite were not joined to the domain and running in a stand alone Workgroup.

The data was the prime concern with this company.

The Solution

We offered a two Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution which would replace the almost full server. We do not need the server in this case as Castlegate management suite only have 4 users. The server was not being utilized for any of it’s other functions.

The NAS box has two hard drives (HDD) installed, when you save a file to the NAS it automatically makes a copy on the second HDD. Further backup is made on a daily basis where the contents of the first NAS is copied to the second NAS overnight.

You can read more about NAS in my blog – Where has all the data gone?

How we implimented the solution

We needed to copy the shared data to one of the NAS boxes and remap the share so the staff would see the same drive letter as the old server while having the absolute minimum of downtime.

We did this in two stages, first we copied historical reference data to the first NAS then using remote desktop connection, out of office hours we copied the current data. We disconnected the old share and remapped the new to look like the old

We setup daily backups so the second NAS which will have a complete copy of data from the first NAS.


Castlegate shopping centre now have ample storage to last them years to come, they can now relax in the knowledge their data is safe being duplicated to a second drive and then backed up daily to a second device.

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