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We are often asked to provide equipment to business and home users alike. We treat all requests individually as what is the correct equipment choice for situation A might not suit situation B.

It’s horses for courses really, for simple web browsing an iPad or Google Nexus would both do the job fine. Both give the ability to browse the internet over a wireless connection or 4G mobile network, depending on budget. An iPad is excellent for a meeting when attached to a Bluetooth keyboard where you need to take some notes or a presentation to a small group.

For a fixed office where the main use is document creation and email use, a PC is still the best option, something with an Intel i3 or i5 processor, plenty of RAM (4 or more gig is considered normal) even a 500 gig hard drive is plenty. Again depending on budget. A desktop PC is available for sub £200 for the tower alone so not to stretch your pocket too much.

Sure high end use for photography and CAD (computer Aided Design) is going to cost considerably more, you can’t expect a budget PC to be able to cope with high end graphic or processor use.

Do you move about a lot?

Well I do, so I use a laptop and an iPad depending on the day. My laptop is a MacBook pro but with Windows 7 installed as well as OSX Yosemite so I have the best of both worlds at the same time using Parallels. My iPad mini has a 4G internet connection, it is great for taking notes and photos on a site visit.

Do you need to centralize your data and have it backed up?

I can’t stress enough how important this is. I wrote another Blog on this subject. A NAS box or Server could well be your best option.

Other considerations can include, infrastructure. There is not much point in putting in nice new computers but connecting them to an old 10MB switch. We often add wireless to offices at the same time as a PC refresh as more and more people use handheld devices, laptops or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), it’s good practice to add a strong wireless network to an office.

What about support and warranty?

Most manufactures like Dell or HP offer excellent hardware warranties which can be extended to three or more years. I probably wouldn’t bother for a standard desktop PC but for a business critical server this is well worth the cost.

We offer business (and home) users a support package to meet the business needs where we provide remote support when you need a hand and onsite visits where necessary.

Ongoing costs?

Inevitably you will have some costs during the life cycle of your IT equipment. This includes anti-virus software, often on an annual basis but discounts are available if you purchase for multiple devices and time frames.

Help and support. As above this can be ad-hock but more cost effective if contracted annually.

Electrical costs. Unavoidable I’m afraid but we can advise and install power saving solutions to turn equipment off when not in use.

Other software licenses have annual subscriptions but these are part of your business.

Disposal of end of life equipment. We only use WEEE certified companies and even then we physically destroy all hard drives first to ensure any data cannot be recovered. There is a cost, depending on how much equipment is being disposed of.

Sure there are many options not even mentioned in this blog, drop us a line, we can discuss your individual or corporate requirements.

"With Wrightway, we know that we don't have to worry about anything."

Brenda Martin - IT Services Manager

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